How to Become Certified in AC Repair

One of the best professions to consider is AC repair. There are always going to be air conditioning systems that need repaired or replaced. Learning the very latest in how to do this will provide you with a good clientele if you provide great service, they will recommend you to others.

The first thing you should do if you are interested in this type of work is to find out what type of training you will need to be licensed in the state in which you live. Many states require certification for installing air conditioners as well as repairing them Appliance Repair Van Nuys.

The classes you take will include the basic types of refrigeration, the components that are used, evacuation and recycling. The voltage used in AC and DC circuits; resistance and power will all be covered. Some prerequisites are required before actually taking the courses. The course that will teach about the piping used in HVAC system may require a class on Construction Industry Standards. The best way to find out what type of prerequisite classes will be needed is by looking at the admissions book at the school you will be attending.

Learning how to maintain the heating and cooling systems is an essential part of this learning process. From motors and compressors to ducts and pipes, learning how all the components in these systems work and relate to each other is one of the main aspects to learning this trade. The design of the systems, building codes, safety when using refrigerants as well as the different classifications, air quality for indoors and out and technology as it relates to this field will all be courses that are required. The importance of keeping up with new technologies will be stressed also because most states require HVAC technicians to renew their licenses from time to time.

One of the licenses the HVAC technician will be required to have is for working with refrigerants. This is a must to be able to purchase the refrigerant as well. Learning about the three types – low pressure, high pressure and small appliance – will be taught and then an exam will have to be taken to receive the license.

Working as an apprentice will help the learning process. Working with a certified technician will give you the experience and hands on training that is needed to advance in this career. When you are ready to become certified, taking the Technician Certification exams that are required by the Environmental Protection Agency will be the next step.

The type of certification that you get will be according to the size of the appliances you will be working on. As mentioned above there are three types. AC repair is a great career choice and the demand for certified technicians is expected to increase.

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